Cairns Puppy Pre School – The Importance of Puppy Training

There is nothing more gorgeous than the soft fur, adoring eyes and playful innocence of a puppy. In those first few weeks they mesmerise even the most hardened soul with their antics.

In most cases this period of adoration is short lived. Gradually the joy of welcoming this little canine into your life is overtaken by moments of frustration and disappointment. The treasured pup is becoming an unruly misbehaving adolescent and those moments of innocence and calm seem to be a distant memory.

Dogs have a crucial “Imprint” period during the first few months of their lives and this is the most relevant development stage in their growth process. Their social skills develop and they are most receptive to their environment. They learn to socialise with other dogs and people and to be accepting of all of the new experiences that are part of living in our modern world.

It is during this period that a puppy training class is most beneficial for your puppy. Socialisation and play with other pups is controlled and supervised and this also allows for positive interaction with other people. These classes are designed to help owners have a greater understanding of dogs. They encourage safe interaction with other pups and their owners and cover everything from basic obedience commands, canine behaviour, handling skills and general health care.

In their natural state pups are raised in the hierarchy of a pack and from the first day are educated as to the rules and boundaries of their group. When we welcome a puppy into our lives we must assume this role as their “pack leader.” As their owners we provide companionship, give them direction, educate them and positively introduce them to their new environment.

Many common canine behaviour problems can be avoided with early intervention at this age. Well educated puppies are generally more content and better behaved and as they mature are well adapted and emotionally stable. They socialise confidently  and are able to adapt to living in a wide variety of situations.

The basic commands they learn at an early age assist the owner in establishing and maintaining a more controlled and enjoyable relationship with their puppy. These pups also progress well into higher levels of training.

Attending a reputable puppy pre-school will be one of the most important and valuable commitments you can make as you embark on the wonderful journey of dog ownership.

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